This is Shaikh Albaani – Exposing The Lies & Deceptions of Hanafi Fiqh Channels Abdur-Raheem Abu Nauman

Hanafi Fiqh Channel are a shameless group of liars, insha’Allāh we will be posting the lies and deception from their deceptive speakers such as Abdur Raheem and Mumtaz ul-Haq.

This is a reply from brother Raza Hassan >>> “This is Shaikh Albaani” in response to the clip “Who was Nasirudeen Albaani?” Exposing the lies and deceptions of Abdur Raheem Limbada and all those who malign Imaam alAlbaani (rahimahullah) This is Shaikh al-Albani
Below you can hear the video which is directly embedded from Hanafi Fiqh Channel.

previously we shared a response from brother Ali Hassan Khan to the Jahmi Mumtaz of Hanafi Fiqh Channel >>>