Translation to facilitate learning

This page is under construction, the links are working down to juz 8 so far insha’Allaah will complete it soon

The Glorious Quran Word-for-Word Translation to facilitate learning of Quranic Arabic

Compiled by:Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh & Ms. Kausar Khatri

The preface contains the contact information of the compiler which can be used to contact them. To read the preface of this book Click here.

These files are PDF files of the Holy Quran classified in term of Juz(parah). Right click on the file and chose ‘save target as’ option to save the file on to you machine.

The new version of the Quran Translation uses images instead of fonts and prints clear Arabic words.

Last Juz 30

Volume Version

You can download the files in Volume Version of five Juz each if you have high speed internet bandwidth.

You can now buy these in three volumes at
Click this link to buy from Amazon

Juz 1

Juz 2

Juz 3

Juz 4

Juz 5

Juz 6

Juz 7

Juz 8

Juz 9

Juz 10

Juz 11

Juz 12

Juz 13

Juz 14

Juz 15

Juz 16

Juz 17

Juz 18

Juz 19

Juz 20

Juz 21

Juz 22

Juz 23

Juz 24

Juz 25

Juz 26

Juz 27

Juz 28

Juz 29


Appendix A: List of References

Appendix B1: Brief Journey through Arabic grammar -1

Appendix B2: Brief Journey through Arabic grammar -2

Appendix C: Grammar Charts

Appendix D: A Simplified and practical methodology of learning to understand Quran

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