توحیدِ خالص
The Pure Tawheed (Urdu)

The pure Tauheed by Allaamah ash-Sheikh Badee uddin Shah ar-Raashidee as-Sindhee


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توحیدِ خالص
الشیخ بدیع الدین شاہ راشدی رحمہ اللہ

The Pure Tawheed
Shaykh Badee’-ud-Deen Shah Rashidee rahimaullaah

Explanation of Kitab al-Tawhid (URDU)

Kitab at-Tawheed book of Tauheed by Sheikh-ul-Islam Muhammad Ibn Abdil-Wahhab

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Author: Shaykh al-Islaam Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab Rahimaullaah
Audio mp3 lectures explaining this book is available in the Urdu audio section

Tafseer al-Sa’di [ Urdu ]



Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04 | Part 05 | Part 06
Part 07 | Part 08 | Part 09 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12
Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18
Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24
Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 28 | Part 29 | Part 30

Taiseer-ul-Karim-ur-Rahman Fe Tafseer Kalam Al-Mannan was written by Shaykh Abdur-Rahman ibn Naasir as-Sa’di.

The Great student of Shaykh Sa’di Ibn Uthaymeen said about this book:

This tafseer is one of the best for the following reasons:

  • easy and clear words for both professionals and others.
  • avoidance of unnecessary lengthening, which will confuse and waste the time of the reader.
  • avoidance of mentioning the disagreement between scholars’ opinions except for the important ones.
  • following the path of the pious predecessors in illustrating the verses of Allah SWT’s attributes (no tahreef, and no Ta’aweel).
  • accuracy in obtaining rules, benefits and wisdom from the verses.

Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum [Urdu]

Ar Raheeq al Makhtum Safi ar-Rahman Mubarakpuri


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A complete authoritative book on the life of the Prophet (pbuh) which was honored by the World Muslim League as first prize winner. Whoever wants to know the whole life style of the Prophet in detail must read this book.


Barelwi by Sheikh Ehsan Elahi zaheer


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Barelwi is a book about the Barelwi sect which appeared at the end of the nineteenth century in the indian peninsula and it contradicts the islamic legislation ,the quran and sunnah not only in the branches but also its fundemental creeds attack islam completely.They consider anyone opposing the opinions of their immam as a disbeliever.The book includes five 5 chapters:it’s history,creeds, teachings, disbelieving fatwas and mythical stories

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    • hey…
      Kindly help me for

      I just want to put this name to my niece (Uzaima)
      Kindly say me itz meaning….

      if possible to gv some ref……


  1. Aslamalakum..

    my name is zeeshan i live in bosnia.. but born in Pakistan… my Aqid are closed to ahl hadith and salafies…. i want to know why if we call myself only muslim so it not enogh….and ahl hadith talk so much about shrik and bidah is good to give knowledge… but jammat ul muslimeen tell about the bidah of ahl hadith then i find the answer from one web site…. i m not in a favour of jammat ul musleem caz they say musrik to so many imams also… but the reply from ahl hadith side that his kind of bidah not make us kafir….
    is not diplomacy from ahl hadith side their bidah r not make kafir but other bidah of sect people make kafir…
    As campare to DR.Zakir approch is better then all without point of he sayz the truth… and in his channel the topic r more complicate and words r hard but selective…..
    i know like this approach ahl hadith its self have so many groups….

    • Musalmaan to hum sab hain inshallah,Apnai aap ko ahle-hadees kehna theekh hai, phir to hum ko Allah ne insan paida kiya(wa ma kalaqtul jinah wal insa ila liyabudoon) Allah nai be hamara naam insaan rakha to phir yai naam kuv (zeeshan, Rahid), hum apnai aap ko ahlehadees isliyai kehtai hain ke hamare pehchan hosakai, ke hum wo nahi jo 4 imamoun ke taqleed kartai hai,hum sirf aur aik imaam ke taqleed kartai hai wo hain jinab Muhammad Rasool ullah(saw)…MAY ALLAH BLEES U WITH IMAN…

  2. ASsalamualaikum
    We have a lot of books in urdu pdf form written under Shaikh abdula nasir rahmani sahib if you would like have it please contact us
    Abdul khaliq

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