Allah Is Above The Sky

Allah Subhaana Huwa Ta’laa Says in the 67th chapter and the 16th verse of the Qur’an:

“Do you feel secure that He Who is in heaven will not cause you to be swallowed up by the earth when it shakes (as in an earthquake)?”

And At-Tabari Said in his tafseer “He who is in the heaven.” Meaning He is Allah.

And know that from the linguistic uses of the word “في:in” is “على:on or upon” as Allah Subhaana Huwa Ta’alaa said in the 20th chapter in the 71st verse of the Qur’an:

“(Pharaoh) said: “Believe you in Him before I give you permission? Surely this must be your leader, who has taught you magic! be sure I will cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides, and I will have you crucified on(In Arabic the word is في) trunks of palm-trees: so shall you know for certain, which of us can give the more severe and the more lasting punishment!”

This is just a short post in response to the terrible beliefs in regards to hating those who say that which Allah said about Himself, in that he Allah is above the sky, in a way that befits His Majesty.

by Yahya Trento