Life of al-Imaam Ahlas-Sunnah Ahmad Ibn Hanbal

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The Life of The Imaam of The People of Sunnah Abu Abdillaah Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hanbal al-Shaybani Rahimaullaah.
by Kamal el-Mekki
all four parts can be also watched on youTube Click Here

Profiles of Courage : Story of Imam Ahmed

Profiles of Courage : Story of Imam Ahmed - Safi khan

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Profiles of Courage is the story of Imam Ahmed. It gives us a glimpse into Islamic history almost 1200 years ago. It is an amazing story that helps us to draw strength from its striking parallels to our lives and times today. It is the powerful and unshakable stand of one indomitable believer – Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal – A scholar who stood strong and tall in the face of the oppression.

The Life of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab

Mohammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab

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CD 1: The Life & Da’wah of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab
CD 2: The ‘Aqeedah & Manhaj of the Imam
CD 3: The ‘Aqeedah & Manhaj of the Imam (Cont.)
CD 4: Clearing the Misconceptions about Ibn Abdul-Wahhab

Imaam Bukhaari [English & Banglali]

The Greatest Personality In The World Imam muhaddith Muhammad Bukhari

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By Navaid Aziz
This 3 CD set presents a biographical sketch of the life of a great personality in Islamic history, Imam Bukhari. The speaker also goes into some of the details on how Sahih Al-Bukhari was compiled and written. This motivational and emotional series is left with details regarding the trials surrounding the Imam’s death.

ইমাম বৌখারী জীবনী

Life of Imaam Bukhari

Life of Imaam Bukhari

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A 2 Part Lecture about the life of Amir-ul-Mu’mineen in Hadeeth Imaam Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Isma’il ibn Ibraheem al-Bukhari

The Four Great Imams

The Four Great Imams - hesham al-awadi

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In this series, Dr. Hesham, Al-Awadi depicts the lives of the four great Imams. He beautifully describes their lives as students, scholars and members of society. Dr. Hesham will take you along an inspirational journey through the life and genius of Imam Abu Hanifah, the dignity of Imam Malik, the talents of Imam al-Shafi’i and the steadfastness of Imam Ahmad. Dr. Hisham succeeds in presenting the Imams in a manner that allows the listener to relate to them, and consequently benefit from their great lives regardless of whether the listener is–or aspires to be–a scholar or not. According to the Quranic injunctions this is the most important objective of presenting history. This series belongs to a category of Islamic knowledge that is among the most needed: The knowledge that attempts to revive the Muslim identity and connect the Muslims to their rich heritage.

Merits of the Scholars

Short Talks by Dr.Saleh Saleh (May Allaah have mercy on him)

  1. Who Are The Ulama ?
  2. Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaani
  3. Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaani biography
  4. Imaam Ahmad – His Humbleness
  5. Ibn al-Uthaymeen – His Humbleness
  6. Interview with Umm Abdullah, the wife of Shaykh Uthaymeen
  7. Shaykh al-Albaanee
  8. Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab biography
  9. Reflection on Early Scholars
  10. Abdus-Salaam bin Barjis biography
  11. Abdus-Salaam bin Barjis (PPS)
  12. Categories of People In Respect To ‘ilm
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