Dr. Saleh as-Saleh

Merits of the Scholars

Short Talks by Dr.Saleh Saleh (May Allaah have mercy on him)

  1. Who Are The Ulama ?
  2. Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaani
  3. Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaani biography
  4. Imaam Ahmad – His Humbleness
  5. Ibn al-Uthaymeen – His Humbleness
  6. Interview with Umm Abdullah, the wife of Shaykh Uthaymeen
  7. Shaykh al-Albaanee
  8. Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab biography
  9. Reflection on Early Scholars
  10. Abdus-Salaam bin Barjis biography
  11. Abdus-Salaam bin Barjis (PPS)
  12. Categories of People In Respect To ‘ilm
  13. (Right click then save target as)

The Dispraise of Al-Hawaa – Lowly Desires

The Dispraise of Al-Hawaa - Lowly Desires

coming soon in sha’Allaah

Explanation of Ibn al-Qayyim’s work by Dr.Saleh as-Saleh


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