Zubayr Ali Zai

The Status of The Ahlul-Hadeeth

The Status of The Ahl Al-Hadeeth

DownloadAhle Hadees Sunnah Hadith
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by Haafidh Zubayr Ali-Zai rahimahullāh
Translated by Zulfikar Ibrahim Al-Atharee

“Imaam Ahlus-Sunnah Ahmad Ibn Hanbal said: If this Taa’ifatul-Mansoorah is not Ashābul-Hadeeth, then I don’t know who they are.”

Who Was Abullaah Ibn Sabah

Who Was Abullaah Ibn Sabah? by Zubayr Ali Zai

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Question: Some people deny the existence of Abdullah ibn Saba the Jew, I ask you to answer my question in detail in order to clarify the actual reality.

Answer: The existence of Abdullah ibn Saba the Jew is an actual reality which is established via authentic reports in fact these reports are overwhelmingly abundant.

The status of Imaam Ahmed according to the Muhadditheen

The status of Imaam Ahlus Sunnah Ahmad bin Muhammed Hanbali according to the Muhadditheen

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There has been a consensus among all the Muhadditheen and Scholars of this Ummah concerning the Famous Imaam of Ahl us-Sunnah, Abu Abdullah Ahmed bin Muhammad bin Hanbal bin Hilaal bin Asad ash- Shaybaani al-Marwazi al-Baghdaadi (rahimahullah) (D. 241H) that he was an Aadil, Dhaabit, Thiqah, and extremely reliable Imaam.

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