Kamal el-Mekki

Life of al-Imaam Ahlas-Sunnah Ahmad Ibn Hanbal

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The Life of The Imaam of The People of Sunnah Abu Abdillaah Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hanbal al-Shaybani Rahimaullaah.
by Kamal el-Mekki
all four parts can be also watched on youTube Click Here

Cell Phone Fiqh

Cell Phone Fiqh by kamal el-Mekki

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Cell Phone Fiqh by Kamal el-Mekki
To watch the video online Click Here

One comment on “Kamal el-Mekki

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rhamatullahi Wa Barakatu.

    Brother Kamal,
    I’ve been listening to your lectures for the past two weeks. Thank you for your clear delivery and succinct explanations of dawah strategies. I have been inspired to begin dawah efforts via email.

    My resources are limited, so I am going down the lists of churches in my area and sending a short letter, with links to Quran on the Internet along with a short note inviting to Islam. Since I am targeting Christians, my first links are to Al Fatiha and Sura Maryam.

    Though I have received rejections and request to be removed from the lists, which I honor. It is Allah Supannah Wa T’ala who guides. I feel that curiosity may stimulate further inquiry and reading.

    As I am revert of more than thirty years, I do understand the issues surrounding retention of the new shahada. I would appreciate your input in terms of follow-up, as there are few places that I feel comfortable taking new Muslims in the Los Angeles area.

    I do agree that a comprehensive study of dawah efforts should be undertaken as I know from my own experiences that community and education are critical aspects of retention.

    Fi Iman Allah,
    Zeretta Hyson

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