Deobandi’s and black magic

As other Sufis, many Deobandis are also involved in magic, and this shows that many of the Sufis so-called Tasarrufat (controls) and karamat are in fact the works of Jinns and they use magic and Jinns to fool people and make them think they have Karamat from Allah and many of their ignorant followers are deceived by this.

Ashraf Ali Thanvi and magic to separate between two persons

Ashraf Ali Thanvi wrote a book called “A’mal e Qurani”, a book of invocations, Ta’wizat (Tamaim) and ‘Amaliyat (Sufi formulas).

In this book, p 21, Thanvi told how to use some magic to separate between two persons: “(Allah said:) ”We have put hatred and animosity between them until the day of Resurrection”

If you desire to separate and put hatred between two persons, write this verse on a Bhuj stone, then write (the picture):

And below the picture write the sentence: may the separation occur between Fulan (so and so) and Fulan. Write the names of the two persons instead of Fulan, make a Ta’wiz (Tameemah) of it and bury it between two old graves , but don’t do it for people not deserving this, as it will be a sin.”

One can clearly see that the picture Ashraf Ali Thanvi told to write contains the words “Sihr” meaning magic, and learning magic is Kufr. The heart of the Muslim cries and gets a shock to see that such a Kufr is propagated under the name of Islam and Quran. And in this book, Ashraf Ali Thanvi gave other Ta’wizat to cure from some disease or to have a boy and these Ta’wizat contain numbers and unknown words, and this is also clear magic.

Invocation to control the Humans and Jinns and possess the kingdom of Sulayman

The Deobandi book called “Jawahir Khamsah” is about Du’a, Ta’wizat and ‘Amaliyat. The author is Muhammad Ghawth Gulyari, and it has been translated from Persian by Mirza Muhammad Beg An-Naqshabani and it is published by famous Deobandi publisher of Karachi “Dar ul Isha’at”, and it is also published by another Deobandi publisher of Lahore “Maktabah Rehmaniyah”. At the end of this book, the Risalah “Futuh ul Ghayb” has been added.

In this book, the author teaches an invocation to possess the kingdom of Sulayman, control humans and Jinns: “Name 33 for greatness and control of humans and Jinns: “Ya Quddus Tahir min kuli Su fala Shayun Yu’azuhu min jami’ khalqihi” (O Quddus, pure from all evils, none can be protected in

His whole creation). This composed name’s particularity is that whoever for Zahiri and Batini (apparent and interior) greatness, reads it ten thousands time fir forty days, will be cut from what is other than Allah, and all the creation including humans and Jinns will be under his control and obedience…and he will become the inheritor of the kingdom of Sulayman (aley salam)

Also to possess the kingdom of Sulayman: whoever read this name for five years … (in a specific manner), he will have improvement in all of his works and the kingdom of Sulayman (aley salam) will come in his hands, and he will possess the control of the earth and the skies, and all the creation of the great and small universe will be under his control, and the whole universe will be enlightened by his benediction…even if he gives order, then the sun will appear in the night and disappear in the day

One can wonder is such things are possible then why did the Sahabah fought their enemies and some became martyrs? This kind of Tasawwud totally destroys the intelligence of its author, and they are totally lost in this world of hallucination and madness and accept any kind of fairy tale and nonsense. Allah created humans on pure Fitrah, but this wrong Sufism corrupted his Fitrah and made him accept such falsehood.

Invocation to the men of the invisible (Rijal ul Ghayb)

In the same book “Jawahir Khamsah” p 310 there is an invocation:
Peace be upon you O men of the invisible (Rijal ul Ghayb) and noble souls, help us with your special help and look at us with your special looking, O Ruqaba, O Nuqaba, O Nujaba, O Bukhaba, O Abdal, O Awtad, O Aqtab, O Qutb al Aqtab help me in this matter…”

About the invocation called ”Du’a Sayfi”, the author showed that it is finished with a table of numbers, and he does not know reality of it. So these people are writing numbers not knowing what they mean, they found this from Sufis.

He also gave a circle of the men of invisible (Rijal ul Ghayb) which is at the end of this invocation:

And it has preceded that these people believe that these Awliya, Abdal and Qutb rule the world.

Writing Al-Fatihah in disorder

This book “Jawahir Khamsah” also tells to write Surah Al-Fatihah in disorder to cure from some diseases. And it is well known that this is pure magic and clear Kufr pleasing Jinns, as Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyah explained in his book “Furqan bayna Awliya Rahman wa Awliya Shaytan”.

Circles and crosses with strange words

This book also contains some pictures of crosses made with letters.

And there are strange circles with words like: Haqiqat Ism A’zam, Haqiqat Muhammad Haqiqi, ‘Alim Wahdat, ‘Alim Sifat, Arwah Maqam Haqiqat, Maqam Arwah.

There is also a circle containing 19 circles containing words such as: Soul (Ruh), secret (Sir), reason (‘Aql), imagination (Khyal), the heart (Qalb) and others.

And these terms are the Batini and Zahiri sense known to the Greek philosophers and used by Ibn Sina and then Sufis like Al-Ghazali and others.

Formula to kill someone

In “Futuh Ghayb” of Mirza Beg Naqshabandi published at the end of “Jawahir Khamsah” there is a formula telling us how to kill someone deserving death, not an innocent:

“’Amal (Sufi formula) number ten: killing an enemy whose killing is permissible by the religious law. One should take and put a tree of Sanubar in an empty house, and he should write on it all the Great Names (of Allah) and if there is a group, then 48 times and if there are three then 27 times, and should do Dam (Ruqiyah) with the Great Names (of Allah) on the tree…and he should have no cloth on the head, and he should take a stick and imagine his
enemy then beat the Sanubar and say: I have killed Fulan (so and so) with the domination of Allah (Jalla Jalaluhu)”. He should do such three or seven days.”

One can wonder if such things were correct why the Sahabah and Salaf fought and got martyred. But this kind of Sufism is an opium which totally destroys the reason of the person who enters it. This person might be attracted by the stories softening the heart, but then he is brain washed and accepts magic and all these fairy tales containing abominable Kufr and Shirk

Invocation to have the attributes of Allah

In the same “Futuh Ghayb”, there is an invocation for the purpose of possessing the
attributes of Allah:

“If someone wants to enter the state of Fana fi Allah and Baqa bi Allah, and wants to possess the attributes of Jamal and Jalal of Haqq (Allah), and great subsistence and honour…and Ilm Ladduni (Sufi secret knowledge) and Kashf (unveiling) of hidden lights, then he should first fulfill the conditions of this name…then he should do Ghusl in one of the beginning day of the month, sing one or two songs for the soul of the leader of Prophets (saw) and read hundred times Darood Sharif, then he should start reciting this
name 2695 times in the day and night for forty days…”

May Allah protect us from such Kufr and Shirk.
May Allah send Salah and Salam on the Prophet (saw), his household, companions and those who follow them.
Compiled by Ali Hassan Khan

18 comments on “Deobandi’s and black magic

  1. This above book called AMAL QURANI has not been written by M.Ashraf ali Thanvi.r.a.h. accept a few pages and the rest is addition by others whose names r clearly written in the book chapters.
    Its not entirely his writing.
    2/Tafseer ibn kathir and Imam Shafi and others mention different types of magic,sihr,ruqya ,and taweez.
    Not all types r haram or shirk even though majority are leading to shirk and kufr.
    It can be used as a final resort for tratment if all other optioons fail to be successful.

  2. Salamz.
    This is all fine and correct.Molana Thanvi sb also says in his tafseer,bayanul quran,p.57,surah baqarah under the verse of haroot n maroot.
    As for the complete and detailed ruling of sihr ,whether its kufr itiqadi,kufr amali,or fisq etc.
    The Scholars explain that if in that practice or amaliyat any word,or action or hint of clear kufr and clear shirk in its total strict meaning is found ,then of course them types of treatment via sihr,taweez,ruqya with shirki words or ununderstandable phrases are haram ,kufr and shirk.
    Likewise to seek aid from shayateen,jinnat and/or stars,fortunetelling etc are all clearly haram and prohibited in Islam with no second opinion.
    palmreading n horoscopes r also haram.
    Even to benefit someone is also haram and kufr by above means of sihr and shirk based ruqya n taweez.
    If the words or letters are free from shirk and aspects of kufr totally,then,even in this case to harm or fool a muslim is not permissible ,and that person shall become a FASIQ.evil doer ,not enough to be branded a kafir.HTe will be sinful.
    BUT if the words r very clear from ,only the holy Quran and duas,tasbeehats,prayers to Allah etc.masnoon duas etc.and then its used to apply or consume with water or rub with oil etc ,only for treatment purposes and not to harm anyone or go against shariah,then THIS is not sihr ,even though it comes under the urfi,n customary meaning or lexical meaning of sihr.
    This is totally mubah and permissible in shariah.This is called AMALIYYAT,/AZEEMAT/TAWEEZAT.
    but in lugah perspective it also known as sihr.This is what Imam Shafi r.a.h. and ibn kathir,and jalaalain,in AHKAAMUL QURAN imam jassas also explains this in detail.
    Also IMAM Maturidee r.a.h. also differs from jumhoor and says ,not all types of sihr can be called kufr.
    Inna minal bayani lasihra ….is hadith.Many speeches have effect of sihr in them.
    And also in FIQHUS SUNNAH it mentions couple of sahabas including Mother Aishah r.a.d. who allowed quranic taweez to be worn on the neck of children and the ill.
    Majority sahabahs never agreed with this type.
    Based on the above we cant call all these above mentioned imams ,scholars,n sahabahs kafir,,,……naoozubilaah!
    Then they have differentiated between kufr amali and kufr itiqadi.1/belief 2/practice
    In practice many people may be doing so many things wrong ,like missing salah is act of kufr but not that kufr which renders one out of fold of ISLAM according to jumhoor/majority scholars.
    After all ijma has to taken into consideration as well.
    Nuqoosh are also subject to above explanation.
    this could fall into many various categories depending on words,action,beleif ,intention etc.
    May be some deobandis and others have taken a broader approach and meaning until clear cut kufr and shirk takes place in a situation or written in books.
    Alhamdulillah we are not so stupid to go with the flow and include kufr ,shirk and bidah in our books.
    As far as AMAL QURANI is concerned ,only 100 percent permissible stuff has been written using QURANIC verses and ASMA E HUSNA only and masnoon duas and thats it.
    After his demise people have included things which he is not responsible for ,because he never permitted any haram or shirki stuff.
    All his life ,he spent in fighting kufr and shirk.
    14,0000 ulama of deoband became shaheed ,giving their lives to get rid of british occupant s from indian soil at that time.
    Thats why the brelvis call us wahhabis when we r not so out of line in extremism either.

  3. What about allamah booni r.a.h. book shamsul maarif.
    This book has much more than amal qurani and jawahir khamsa.
    Also he is not DEOBANDI.his from the salaf saliheen mashaaikh of the past.
    nobody said anything about him or his books because they all had good intentions but later comers misused and abused their information which was based merely on experience rather than all of it being on quran and sunnah.
    Writing surah fatiha opposite way or contrary to its proper order is definitely haram sihr known as kufr i kalam.
    Things n ways which r doubtful or not understood should be abandoned.

  4. And if this is the correct place to ask,
    Why were majority muhadditheen shafi followers including imam nawawi and suyooti etc?ibn abdul bar was maliki.
    ibn jawzi was hambali.
    even sihah sitta muhadditheen adhered to one of the 4 ,mostly shafi background.
    Why were they not claiming to be ahle hadith only .?why did they not refute taqleed.?
    why does everyone follow one n only script of quran dialect which belongs to imam asim kufi r.a.h.
    why stick to one dialect over here and prohibit 4 schools of thought which is got nothing to do with forbidden type of differing.Sahabahs even had fiqh diferences.
    sallo salatul asr fee bani quraizah.,prophet agreed with both groups.
    Sticking to 1 is not haram,because ibn abbas was followed in makkah,zaid bin thabit was followed in madinah,hasan basri was followed in basra,muadh bin jabal was followed in yemen,abdullah bin masood in kufah.
    was all that following without asking fpr evidences haram within tthe sahabahs?
    Yes fanatics we/you shouldnt be with any mazhab or hadith if there is another hadith or daleel available.

    • No brother this is not the correct place to ask,
      you can ask here

      I don’t think you read the article, it’s about ‘Sihr’ not schools of thought, or Quranic script, or the fiqh differeces of the sahaabah.

      You said:”why did they not refute taqleed.?”
      many of the salafs did refute taqleed

      you also said: “Sahabahs even had fiqh diferences.”
      so do many Scholars.. and your point is what??

      I don’t understand what your trying to get at here it’s better you send your questions to
      as the admins of this blog are not qualified to answer islaamic questions

      brother I tell you please go speak to a Scholar of Sunnah and these doubts and lies they have told you about ahle Hadith/ Salafees will go insha’Allaah.


  5. Numan bin basheer adds himself after the hadith of joining feet in salah ,in bukhari,abu daood,and ibn abi shaibah.
    that we would join our feet but if any see s us doing this today they will run away from us.
    This shows it wasnt an established practice within all sahabahs.

  6. MY wife is not with me since last four years, i need to retain her with some specific dua, please advise me , i am eagerly awaiting your reply

  7. Asalamualikum , this is all just propaganda! Baseless! I know of deobandi followers and non of them believe this or anything of the sort! They strive for the Sunnah! SubhanAllah! Brother it is very unfortunate that you are sharing what you hve little knowledge about and causing fitna between the Muslim ummah

  8. Please tell me as soon as possible the native n scholar of Cairo,Al-Zahira Institution.

    Also,if you can upload PDF n audio of Tafaseer.

    Please do inform me.

    Thank you


  9. Please upload the link or send me the link of Tafaseer n Ahadeeth interpreted by scholars of Al-Zahira institute,Cairo

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