Extremism in Takfeer – Principle One

Study Notes
Abu Saifillah Abdul Qadir


This principle is to stand out for justice and not allowing one’s emotions, desires, hatred, and ignorance dictate the position one is going to hold regarding the issue of takfeer.

This principle dictates not allowing the poor situation of the Muslims around the world i.e., Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia etc. dictate one’s position that is held, and to not allow one’s hatred for a people i.e. leaders of Muslim countries, make him unjust to them, even though we see from them manifest dhulm, fisq, and kufr.


The evidences for this principle are many. Of them is the statement of Allaah:

“And if you judge between the people, then judge with justice.” 

[An-Nisaa’ (4):58]

The verse orders fairness, justice, and equality with all people when making judgement between them, and not being just with some people and not with others.

Indeed Allaah ordered his messenger with a straightforward command to be just by His saying:

“…And I have been ordered to be just between you all.”

[Ash-Shoora (15):42]

Also Allaah has ordered the believers to be just by His saying:

“..Be just for it is closer to taqwa…”

[Al-Maa’idah (5):8]

And Allaah, the Most High also states:

“Verily Allaah orders with justice and the doing of good and kindness to relatives”

[An-Nahl (16):90]

Allaah has specifically ordered all the believers to be just in their speech by His saying;

“..And if you speak then be just even if it be with your own relatives”

[Al-An’aam (6):152]

Ibn Katheer said in the tafseer of this verse:

“Allaah orders to be just in actions and sayings with our near ones and our far ones and Allaah orders everyone to be just at all times and in all situations.”

So His order to be just in our actions is in His saying:

“Oh you who believe stand out firmly for justice as witnesses to Allaah even if it is against yourselves or your parents, or your kin..”

[An-Nisaa’ (4):135]

And Allaah has warned us not to be unjust, ever, in His statement:

“…So do not follow the desires lest you avoid justice…”

[An-Nisaa’ (4):135]

Ibn Katheer said in the tafseer of this verse:

“Meaning, do not let the desires and partisanship and hatred of a people cause you to be unjust in your matters and your affairs rather adhere to justness in every situation.”

So being just plays an important role when speaking about people, and it is more important when pronouncing takfeer.

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