Way of Life Conference 2013 – Sylhet


Way of Life Conference in Sylhet
2nd Annual Conference

March 14th 15th & 16th


Dr. Saifullah
(PhD Madinah University)

Abdur-Razzak bin Yusuf
(Principle Markazul Islami as-Salafi)

Amanullah bin Ismail Madani
(Graduate Hadeeth Faculty Madinah University)

Muzaffar bin Muhsin
(Teacher at Markazul Islami as-Salafi & Amir of Bangladesh Ahle Hadees Youth)

Harun Hussain (Peace TV Bangla Speaker)
Abul Kalam Abdur-Rahman (Da’ee IRCS)
Brother Enamul-Haq Choudhury (Chairman IcdBd)
Abu Taher (Da’ee ECS & currently completing PhD in Hadeeth)

Event will be streamed live from http://www.Quraneralo.com/ecs

Click picture to make Bangla poster larger

Way of Life Conference


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